zaiTEC Logix’s is a premium and innovative software Development Company where we create, deliver and support adaptable software to help any practice to manage their businesses more precisely. With more than 15 years of running experience we strive to offer applications which are simply fast, easy to use, in accordance with industry standards and cost effective. We are specialize in providing comprehensive web & software solutions. Highly intuitive designs is our forte and our services varies from web solutions, web & graphic design, eCommerce solutions, Content Management Systems(CMS), Real estate Solutions, Survey solutions, Social Networking, Facebook Applications, Customer Relationship Management Systems(CRM), Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Human Resource Management Systems(HRMS), SEO/SEM, Google Ad words and Google Analytics, GTM Codes and DataLayers integrations. There are two main softwares introduced by zaiTEC Logix’s which are in use by a number of companies with 100% success and customer satisfaction rate.

The two main software’s areWEPS (Web Based EDI Processing Software) and PPMS (Precise Practice Management Software). WEPS is used for processing EDI orders in any of the EDIFACT and TRADACOM file format while PPMS is a useful tool for accountants to carry out their duties in a timely and precise manner. The detailed features and characteristics of both the products are outlined in the product section. Apart from the above outlined products; zaiTEC Logix’s is active in providing other IT and software development facilities according to specific business needs.