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CPMS is a secured multi-user web-based/Mobile application designed and developed using Enterprise  Technologies that provides multiple functionalities to support diplomatic services within Embassy procedures. These services include visa application, passport renewals, registration services, attestation, and document legalization and payment procedures as well as report and statistics monitoring

Two Factor Authentication

CPMS is a secure and privacy-managed system using OAuth 2.0 Token, SSL, Web Service Security, Logging, and Auditing.

OAuth Security

Application is fully integrated with OAuth2 Security Tokens, All APIs are developed using Enterprise Security policies

SMS & Email Integration

CPMS is fully integrated with SMS & Email APIs, all service correspondence is shared through both platforms.

Audit Tracking

CPMS tracks all its client application processes including all backlogs and tracks of designated staff assigned to the case.

Professional & Standardized Receipt

CPMS receipt can be easily printed/emailed to the customer. Since the receipt also includes the diary/token number of the service and also shows the collection time.

Realtime Financial Reports

CPMS financial reports eliminate huge paperwork and provide monthly reports of each service through dynamic dashboards and downloadable reports.

Centralised Customer Data

CPMS holds a secure data repository for all its customers and provided services. CPMS can notify its customer regarding their documents expiry dates.

Dashboard- Dynamic

Customized dashboards are available for all revenue and service streams with daily weekly, monthly, and yearly stats. Simply create a dynamic report, print it in PDF, or send it by email.

Roles & Permissions

CPMS allows you to designate access controls measures to all its users through a super admin account.

Fee Calculator

CPMS provides visibility of each service by setting a scheduled fee. Super admin can also set a different fee for Normal/Urgent service.

Appointment Scheduling

Fully automated appointment scheduling with dates and specific time slots availability for each consular service.

Announcements & Events CMS

CPMS can be integrated with the Consular website, announcements and events can easily be posted via this portal.

CPMS- Features

A centralized customer database with appointment management and payment system to provide an end-to-end solution with the ease of fewer clicks. A cloud-based application with the built-in standardized and professional receipt and payment calculator.

CPMS- Core Features

An Enterprise Architecture-based Consular Payment and Management System (CPMS) software embedded with payment collection capability for Consular services that need to collect fees for services from their customers. CPMS allows customers to book their appointments, pay for their Passports renewal, Visa applications, and other services offered by the Consular Affairs. A user-friendly solution for documenting customer data, generating receipts, and issuing monthly financial statements for Consular Services.

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CPMS- Admin

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