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Our HR aims to be the best HR software for businesses that keep into account all the expenses and substantial facets of an employee’s life cycle. We are eager to assist our valuable clients throughout their HR challenges. We let the businesses focus on the fundamental goals and objectives of the company while our HR system integrates Payroll, Employee Management, and Recruitment. Below are a few of the Modules we offer in our  software

Payroll Management

Payroll is easier and simpler with the best payroll management software presented by Forsa HR.

Exit Management

Exit Management becomes a more excited and stress-free process with our best HR Management software.

Performance Evaluation

Eliminates large paperwork, Forsa HR evaluates the performance of employees exclusively and reliably.

Training & Development

Forsa HR makes training and development simpler! We are the best HR software providers in region.

Document Management

Initiating with the best document management software reducing paperwork and adding efficiency.

Recruitment Management

The best recruitment partner! Forsa HR can wrap up your recruitment procedures smartly and efficiently.

Employee Database

It’s time to replace your employee database with Forsa’s efficient and reliable HRM software.

Attendance Management

Control the attendance system with Forsa HR employee Attendance and leave management software.


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At zHRMS every single individual is lined with others, we are a chain of people connected to each other.

We are the Team leaders, leading the Software industry for many years.

zHRMS believes in teamwork, we love to work in teams!

Our strategy is to provide economical software solutions to everyone!

Communication is the key to success, zHRMS always communicate positively to its employees.

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  • Are you looking for HRM software to reduce the time and energy consumed by the HR team and want to speed up your work with smartness? zHRMS is your ultimate choice for all your Human Resource Management and payroll services.  zHRMS is equally equipped with the technology along with a bunch of experts. By acquiring the services from the zHRMS you can improve the quality of your work and save lots of time.  The main benefits you will get from Forsa HR are listed below.

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