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Enterprise Software Development

Our enterprise software solution team, an experienced integrator to create a connected software ecosystem or a diversified team of developers to handle a bunch of enterprise apps, you can turn to zaiTechLogixs.

Web App Development

Our web development team creates intuitive user experiences covered up in beautiful designs. Everything we create is custom and specifically made to your specifications. Fully responsive and easy manageable designs are our priority.

Mobile App Development

zaiTechLogixs aim to achieve perfection in every mobile phone application development project taken on board and that’s the reason every mobile phone app that we’ve developed is a masterpiece.

Brand Design & Strategy

Getting your brand strategy right and aligned with your business objectives. Developing all the tools you will need. Strengthening your newly developed or updated brand.

Email Marketing

zaiTechLogixs will establish an Email Marketing strategy for your business enhancement. We will define the objective of the campaign so that we may reach your best audience very easily.

Social Media Management

Social media marketing has proved itself to become a powerful source of information empowering companies to reach their customers at their place, while also promoting their brands and growing their customer community.

Audience Analytics

Understand your audience, create more effective content to engage and grow your customer base, and measure social media’s impact on your business goals.


We believe one of the most important steps in developing an effective web site is optimizing content for maximum search engine visibility.

Professional Accreditations


TOGAF 9 Professional Certification

TOGAF 9 Professional Certification takes two forms:
TOGAF 9 Foundation. This provides validation that the candidate has gained knowledge of the terminology and basic concepts of TOGAF 9 and understands the core principles of Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF
TOGAF 9 Certified. This certification provides validation that in addition to knowledge and comprehension, the candidate is able to analyze and apply knowledge of TOGAF

AWS Certified Developers

Ability to use the AWS service APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs to write applications

Understanding of the AWS shared responsibility model. Understanding of application lifecycle management

Ability to use a CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications on AWS. Ability to write code using AWS security best practices (e.g., not using secret and access keys in the code, instead using IAM roles)

Ability to author, maintain, and debug code modules on AWS.Proficiency writing code for serverless applications

Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java Platform, EE 5


Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform

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Privacy by Design (PbD)

Privacy by Design (PbD)

Privacy by Design is a proactive framework that embeds privacy into the design, developement and operations of systems and products. Due lots of...

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LEO opportunity

LEO opportunity

Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) provide a range of financial supports designed to assist with the establishment and/or growth of enterprises (limited company, individuals/sole trader, cooperatives and partnerships) employing up to ten people.

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Our Offers

Our Offers

Getting a singular Online Identification for your company during this digital era isn’t simple. Our experts and highly experienced team are always thinking outside the box to provide creative ideas to help your company stand out from the crowd.

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Recent Work

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CPMS is a secured multi-user web-based/Mobile application designed and developed using Enterprise  Technologies that provides multiple functionalities to support diplomatic services within Embassy procedures. These services include visa application, passport renewals, registration services, attestation, and document legalization and payment procedures as well as report and statistics monitoring


Detcares was set up by a group of health professional in 2006 in response to the increasing population growth in the greater Dublin area Our walk-in center staffed by male and female general practitioners and healthcare support workers. These professionals are supported by a dedicated reception and administration team. 24DOC provides a private walk-in clinic service to all. 

Online Doctor Web App


The web-based EDI order processing solution that processes any EDI order which is base on the EDIFACT D96A EANCOM EAN008 or TRADACOM Order standard and produces a report based on the EDI data in the files that have been processed. WEPS could process the orders produced by Superquinn, Dunnes Stores, Tesco, Musgrave, B & Q, and Boots.

Web Based EDI Software


eMedAdvise having a team of highly qualified doctors and expert therapists available to help you feel better without ever having to leave home or the office? That really is healthcare at your fingertips.

Online Doctor

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

The presentation is for explaining your project – both the product and the process – to the evaluators. The presentation complements the project documentation and the product demo (if any). It gives evaluators a chance to clear up doubts by asking questions on the spot, for example.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Your customers are not only cross-channel, but they’re also cross-device and cross-platform, too. No two digital tracks look the same, so it’s up to marketers to combine compassion and approach to reach their customers in the best ways possible.


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